Guide to Marketing Your Ecommerce Shop for Free

Welcome to the best guide for marketing your ecommerce shop for free. In this guide we will walk you through various tools, resources, and tactics that you can use to market your ecommerce business absolutely free for charge.

1. Request a free profile on Magellan Commerce

Magellan Commerce is a blog dedicated to supporting smaller ecommerce shops that are interesting, quirky, or exciting. Your profile on Magellan Commerce helps boost your brand to hundreds of email subscribers and can be found on search engines by shoppers looking for unique keywords or products that you might mention or include in your Magellan Commerce profile or that our editorial team may add for you. You also get a super awesome link to your website and up to 5 products on your website which can drive more clicks from interested shoppers you stumble on your profile later.

Impact Level: Mild – don’t expect this to skyrocket your sales. Consider this just a small step in the right direction.