About Us

Magellan Commerce was started to help smaller and startup Ecommerce retailers gain recognition. We profile great online shops, what makes them different or unique, their products, and more. No other website on the internet does what we do, join us and help bring light to the thousands of amazing small retail websites around the world!

We named ourselves after the famed explorer Ferdinand Magellan because we believe shoppers on the internet want more options that just going to Amazon or eBay for everything.

To be listed and profiled on our site, an Ecommerce website has to follow a few rules:

1. They must have their own unique website and domain and can’t just be a shop on Etsy, Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc…

2. The website must have been in business for at least 6 months prior to being profiled. This helps us ensure that we’re not profiling websites that will close soon after or be sold off to new owners.

3. The website must have something that makes them unique compared to other similar stores, websites, or brands. This can be something simple such as a unique story from the founder or more elaborate such as donating a portion of proceeds to support a certain cause.

We hope you use Magellan Commerce to discover an amazing world of online shopping like never before!